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17-07-19 (06:27)   Hustlers Trailer: J.Lo, Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, and Cardi B Wanna Rob (Vulture)
13-07-19 (01:24)   Marisol Nichols, Patrick Fabian Seeking SAG-AFTRA Board Seats (Variety)
11-07-19 (00:57)   Riverdale Cast Pays Tribute to Luke Perry as Season 4 Begins Production (TV Fanatic)
26-06-19 (05:30)   What We Know about Riverdale Season 4 So Far (TVOvermind)
24-06-19 (21:19)   Mandy Moore, Camila Mendes Talk Overcoming Rejection, Body Image Struggles (Hollywood Reporter)
24-06-19 (20:55)   Comic-Con 2019 TV Schedule: When Are Your Favorite Shows Taking Over San Diego? (Variety)
21-06-19 (16:43)   Riverdale Boss Confirms Luke Perry Tribute Episode (TV Fanatic)
20-06-19 (16:28)   Riverdale's Season 4 Premiere Will 'Honor' Luke Perry (TVGuide.com)
20-06-19 (02:00)   'Riverdale' Season Premiere Will Be Tribute to Luke Perry (TheWrap.com)
20-06-19 (01:04)   Teen Choice Awards: 'Avengers: Endgame,' 'Crazy Rich Asians' and 'Riverdale' Among Nominees (Hollywood Reporter)
19-06-19 (20:12)   Teen Choice Awards: Shadowhunters, The Flash, and Riverdale Lead Nominations (TV Fanatic)
19-06-19 (18:55)   'Avengers: Endgame,' 'Riverdale,' 'Aladdin' Top 2019 Teen Choice Award Nominations (Variety)
18-06-19 (02:36)   The CW sets premiere dates for Batwoman, Riverdale, and more (Looper)
18-06-19 (00:11)   Supernatural, Batwoman, Riverdale and More Get Fall Premiere Dates on The CW (TVGuide.com)
17-06-19 (23:14)   The CW Sets Fall Premiere Dates: Here's When 'Batwoman' Premieres and 'Riverdale' Returns (TheWrap.com)
17-06-19 (18:29)   'The Walking Dead' Star Austin Abrams Joins Lili Reinhart's 'Chemical Hearts' at Amazon (TheWrap.com)
14-06-19 (15:43)   'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart to Lead Amazon's 'Chemical Hearts' (TheWrap.com)
14-06-19 (15:41)   Lili Reinhart Starring in 'Chemical Hearts' for Amazon Studios (Variety)
14-06-19 (15:33)   'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart to Star in YA Adaptation 'Chemical Hearts' (Hollywood Reporter)
13-06-19 (15:04)   'Archie 1955' Comic to Send Riverdale Back in Time (Exclusive) (Hollywood Reporter)
06-06-19 (23:24)   The CW Expects Ad Increase for Primetime Shows (Variety)
04-06-19 (17:35)   The horror movie Ma does Riverdale better than Riverdale (TheVerge)
20-05-19 (16:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Did You Guess [Spoiler] As The Gargoyle King? (TV Fanatic)
19-05-19 (19:07)   Look of the Week: Riverdale's final quest fancy gowns (Syfy Wire)
18-05-19 (16:04)   Social Climbers Charts: Alyssa Milano Rises After #SexStrike, 'Riverdale' Rules Top Scripted (Hollywood Reporter)
17-05-19 (19:28)   Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Slams 'Ridiculous' Game of Thrones Fans Petitioning for a Season 8 Remake (TVGuide.com)
17-05-19 (14:11)   Riverdale's Charles Melton talks up The Sun Is Also A Star - CNET (C-Net News.com)
17-05-19 (06:24)   Love and death in Riverdale (Hotchka)
16-05-19 (23:20)   The CW is ending its Netflix deal, but that doesn't mean Riverdale is disappearing (TheVerge)
16-05-19 (20:41)   The CW turned Nancy Drew into the new Riverdale (Polygon)
16-05-19 (18:57)   See the First Trailer for Riverdale Spin-Off Katy Keene (TVGuide.com)
16-05-19 (18:24)   'Batwoman,' Archie and the Jonas Brothers: 5 Things We Learned at the CW's Upfront (Variety)
16-05-19 (15:53)   Riverdale Season 4 will deal directly with Luke Perry's death (Syfy Wire)
16-05-19 (11:57)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 22 (TV Fanatic)
16-05-19 (03:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 22 Review: Survive the Night (TV Fanatic)
16-05-19 (03:11)   Riverdale Finale: OMG Is [Spoiler] Dead? (TVGuide.com)
16-05-19 (03:10)   'Riverdale' Boss on Season 3 Finale Time Jump and Gargoyle King Reveal (Variety)
16-05-19 (03:04)   'Riverdale' Creator on That Bloody Finale Cliffhanger and Honoring Luke Perry (Hollywood Reporter)
16-05-19 (00:53)   Future The CW shows like Batwoman may not go to Netflix (Syfy Wire)
16-05-19 (00:24)   Future seasons of The CW shows like Batwoman and The Flash may not go to Netflix (Syfy Wire)
15-05-19 (23:53)   Has Riverdale lost the plot or is this the best season yet? (Syfy Wire)
15-05-19 (23:53)   Future seasons of The CW shows like Batwoman, Flash may not go to Netflix (Syfy Wire)
15-05-19 (15:12)   Riverdale Round Table: The Farm's Dirty Little Secret (TV Fanatic)
15-05-19 (04:24)   How Riverdale uses horror elements to keep Archie fans guessing (Syfy Wire)
14-05-19 (22:33)   How Madelaine Petsch's 'Riverdale' Character Helped Her Debunk an "Urban Legend" in Fashion (Hollywood Reporter)
13-05-19 (20:18)   Shania Twain, Britt Robertson Join K.J. Apa in 'I Still Believe' for Lionsgate (Hollywood Reporter)
13-05-19 (01:42)   Kyle MacLachlan, Mädchen Amick, and More Twin Peaks Stars Pay Tribute to Peggy Lipton (TVGuide.com)
12-05-19 (19:10)   Hollywood Remembers Peggy Lipton: 'A True Angel on Earth' (Variety)
10-05-19 (20:41)   'Riverdale' Boss on Writing Out Luke Perry: 'We Didn't Want to Get It Wrong' (Variety)
09-05-19 (23:07)   Riverdale names the Gargoyle King (Hotchka)
09-05-19 (12:43)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 21 (TV Fanatic)
09-05-19 (03:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 21 Review: The Dark Secret of Harvest House (TV Fanatic)
08-05-19 (21:28)   Veronica Is Totally Setting Hiram Up in This Riverdale Sneak Peek (TVGuide.com)
08-05-19 (19:42)   Riverdale Fans are LIVING After that Royal Baby Name Announcement (TVGuide.com)
08-05-19 (05:53)   Batwoman, Katy Keene, and Nancy Drew all ordered to series at The CW (Syfy Wire)
08-05-19 (03:11)   Riverdale Spin-Off Katy Keene and Nancy Drew Are Coming to The CW (TVGuide.com)
07-05-19 (18:13)   'Riverdale' Star Trevor Stines Talks Archie Comics While Going 'Comic Book Shopping' (Collider)
07-05-19 (04:42)   Riverdale's Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart Went All Out for Met Gala 2019 (TVGuide.com)
04-05-19 (17:54)   PSA: The Josie and the Pussycats Soundtrack Is Available to Stream (Gizmodo)
03-05-19 (01:07)   Riverdale can't keep a good killer down (Hotchka)
02-05-19 (12:26)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 20 (TV Fanatic)
02-05-19 (03:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 20 Review: Prom Night (TV Fanatic)
29-04-19 (23:16)   10 Awesome Riverdale Fan Theories Going Right Now (TVOvermind)
29-04-19 (16:12)   Riverdale Round Table: A Hiram Vs. Archie Feud ... AGAIN?! (TV Fanatic)
26-04-19 (22:24)   Riverdale :: Secrets are revealed (Hotchka)
25-04-19 (12:12)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 19 (TV Fanatic)
25-04-19 (04:24)   Twitter bids an emotional goodbye to Luke Perry during his final episode of Riverdale (Syfy Wire)
25-04-19 (03:57)   Luke Perry's Final Riverdale Scene Was the Epitome of Fred Andrews (TVGuide.com)
25-04-19 (03:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 19 Review: Fear the Reaper (TV Fanatic)
25-04-19 (03:10)   'Riverdale' Airs Luke Perry's Final Scene (Variety)
24-04-19 (18:28)   Riverdale Sneak Peek: How Far Will the Joneses Go to Save Jellybean? (TVGuide.com)
24-04-19 (17:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Toni's Undercover Mission (TV Fanatic)
23-04-19 (05:30)   20 Reasons Why The Riverdale TV Series is Better than the Comics (TVOvermind)
22-04-19 (22:43)   Riverdale: Luke Perry's Final Episode Gets Air Date at The CW (TV Fanatic)
22-04-19 (19:28)   Luke Perry's Final Riverdale Episode Airs This Week (TVGuide.com)
19-04-19 (03:07)   Riverdale :: How many Gargoyle Kings is too many? (Hotchka)
18-04-19 (17:43)   TV Ratings Report: Riverdale Falls to Series Low (TV Fanatic)
18-04-19 (11:57)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 18 (TV Fanatic)
18-04-19 (03:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 18 Review: Jawbreaker (TV Fanatic)
18-04-19 (00:10)   Timothy Olyphant Recalls Working With Luke Perry on 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' (Variety)
08-04-19 (15:54)   Could Arrow's Flashforwards Live on Beyond the Show's End? (Gizmodo)
04-04-19 (20:07)   Riverdale parodied yet again, this time by Samantha Bee in anti-vax takedown (Syfy Wire)
03-04-19 (00:41)   TV Roundup: 'The Hills: New Beginnings' Sets June Premiere Date (Variety)
29-03-19 (18:07)   Riverdale :: Down on The Farm (Hotchka)
28-03-19 (11:12)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 17 (TV Fanatic)
28-03-19 (04:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 17 Review: Chapter FiftyTwo: The Master (TV Fanatic)
26-03-19 (18:57)   Noah Centineo Crushes Hard on Camila Mendes in Netflix's The Perfect Date Trailer (TVGuide.com)
25-03-19 (20:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Was The Heathers Musical Episode Big Fun? (TV Fanatic)
23-03-19 (22:16)   What We Know about Riverdale Spinoff Katy Keene So Far (TVOvermind)
23-03-19 (06:31)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 17 "The Master" Promo + Photos + Guide (Spoilers Guide)
22-03-19 (03:07)   Objects in Space 3/21/19: They look exactly like us (Syfy Wire)
21-03-19 (23:53)   Riverdale breaks into song again (Hotchka)
21-03-19 (20:57)   Looking for Alaska Casts a Riverdale Serpent and Girl Meets World's Hot Uncle (TVGuide.com)
21-03-19 (15:11)   The Riverdale Cast Played 'Jughead Line or Emo Band Lyric' and It Was Honestly a Challenge (TVGuide.com)
21-03-19 (11:12)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 16 (TV Fanatic)
21-03-19 (10:45)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 17 "Chapter Fifty-Two: The Master" Promo + Guide (Spoilers Guide)
21-03-19 (02:57)   Chad Michael Murray Finally Showed Up on Riverdale, and Everyone Should Be Unnerved (TVGuide.com)
21-03-19 (02:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 16 Review: BIG FUN (TV Fanatic)
21-03-19 (00:30)   How Riverdale is Moving On Without Luke Perry (TVOvermind)
20-03-19 (03:53)   WIRE Buzz: John David Washington cast in Christopher Nolan's latest; The CW previews Riverdale's Heathers musical; more (Syfy Wire)
20-03-19 (00:10)   TV News Roundup: Chris O'Dowd to Star in 'Twilight Zone' Episode (Variety)
19-03-19 (21:10)   Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, Julia Stiles Join Strip Club Drama 'Hustlers' (Variety)
19-03-19 (20:16)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 16 "Big Fun" Promo + Photos + Guide + Sneak Peeks (Spoilers Guide)
19-03-19 (18:13)   Cardi B, 'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart Join Jennifer Lopez in Ex-Stripper Saga 'Hustlers' (Collider)
19-03-19 (17:41)   'Riverdale's' Marisol Nichols Lists Toluca Lake Home (Variety)
19-03-19 (15:28)   Luke Perry Might Have Appeared in the Beverly Hills, 90210 Revival After All (TVGuide.com)
18-03-19 (22:10)   Live+7 Ratings for Week of Feb. 25: 'Masked Singer' Finale Wins, 'Riverdale' Doubles (Variety)
18-03-19 (17:11)   The Riverdale Cast Teases What to Expect from the Heathers Musical (TVGuide.com)
16-03-19 (04:53)   Riverdale :: Is the game over? (Hotchka)
15-03-19 (14:40)   Updates From Alien's Anniversary Shorts, the Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, and More (Gizmodo)
14-03-19 (14:10)   Film Review: 'Five Feet Apart' (Variety)
14-03-19 (11:12)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 15 (TV Fanatic)
14-03-19 (04:43)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 15 Review: American Dreams (TV Fanatic)
13-03-19 (18:55)   Luke Perry's Life Lovingly Remembered in "Luke Perry: In His Own Words" (The Futon Critic)
13-03-19 (02:08)   Cole Sprouse Is Proving Why He's Taking The Throne From Harry Styles (D'Marge)
12-03-19 (15:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Will Betty and Kevin's Friendship Survive? (TV Fanatic)
12-03-19 (01:27)   PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Star Lucy Hale Set To Headline RIVERDALE Spinoff KATY KEENE (Comic Book Movie)
12-03-19 (00:24)   WIRE Buzz: Lucy Hale leading Riverdale spin-off; new Stranger Things book; more (Syfy Wire)
11-03-19 (22:28)   Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale Will Star in Riverdale's Katy Keene Spin-off (TVGuide.com)
11-03-19 (21:55)   Lucy Hale to Star in 'Riverdale' Spinoff 'Katy Keene' (Variety)
11-03-19 (16:41)   'Beverly Hills 90210' Reboot Will Find a Way to Honor Luke Perry (Variety)
10-03-19 (16:53)   Read This Fanfiction: Stories from American Gods, Critical Role, and Arrow (Syfy Wire)
09-03-19 (17:12)   The 100 Season 6: Everything From Unity Days 2019, with a Riverdale Twist! (TV Fanatic)
09-03-19 (14:45)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 15 "American Dreams" Promo + Photos + Guide (Spoilers Guide)
09-03-19 (14:31)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 15 "American Dreams" Promo + Photos + Guide (Spoilers Guide)
09-03-19 (02:01)   Riverdale Fan Theory Says New Characters May Be Alice (TVOvermind)
08-03-19 (18:24)   The Week in Geek: Arrowverse ends, Captain Marvel arrives, and winter is coming (Syfy Wire)
08-03-19 (17:57)   Riverdale's K.J. Apa Mourns Luke Perry: 'Rest in Love, Bro' (TV Fanatic)
08-03-19 (16:41)   'Riverdale's' Hayley Law Dedicates Series to Luke Perry: 'The Whole Show Is for Him' (Variety)
08-03-19 (03:57)   Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty, and More Share Touching Tributes to Luke Perry (TVGuide.com)
07-03-19 (19:53)   WIRE Buzz: Riverdale's Luke Perry tribute, an Orville comic book, more (Syfy Wire)
07-03-19 (19:12)   Riverdale Without Luke Perry: Where Do We Go From Here? (TV Fanatic)
07-03-19 (11:57)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 14 (TV Fanatic)
07-03-19 (06:53)   Riverdale :: Through the fire (Hotchka)
07-03-19 (05:57)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 14 Review: Fire Walk With Me (TV Fanatic)
07-03-19 (04:28)   Here's How Riverdale Paid Tribute to Luke Perry (TVGuide.com)
07-03-19 (03:10)   'Riverdale' Pays Tribute to Luke Perry (Variety)
05-03-19 (23:56)   RS Daily News: Rapper Baby Names; Will Smith to Play Venus and Serena Dad; Remembering Luke Perry (RollingStone.com)
05-03-19 (23:40)   Shannen Doherty says news of Luke Perry's death 'devastated me' - CNET (C-Net News.com)
05-03-19 (20:55)   Riverdale's Luke Perry Dies At 52 (GameSpot)
05-03-19 (20:26)   Riverdale: Production Remains Suspended Following Luke Perry's Death (TV Fanatic)
05-03-19 (10:31)   Riverdale News: Season 3 production shuts down after Luke Perry's death (Spoilers Guide)
05-03-19 (07:26)   With Luke Perry gone, our idols are getting old (and so are we) - CNET (C-Net News.com)
05-03-19 (03:10)   Flashback: Luke Perry Went to Zombie High in a Banned Twisted Sister Video, Pre-'90210' (Watch) (Variety)
05-03-19 (02:42)   Movie Talk: Luke Perry, Star of '90210' and 'Riverdale,' Has Died at 52 (Collider)
05-03-19 (01:24)   Remembering Luke Perry, Who Wore His Heartthrob Status Well (Variety)
05-03-19 (00:11)   How Luke Perry's Rodeo Movie '8 Seconds' Illuminated Life Outside the 90210 (RollingStone.com)
04-03-19 (23:28)   Luke Perry Was An Entire Generation's First TV Crush (TVGuide.com)
04-03-19 (23:11)   Rob Sheffield: Luke Perry Walked So Jordan Catalano Could Run (RollingStone.com)
04-03-19 (22:55)   Riverdale Star Luke Perry Dies At 52 (GameSpot)
04-03-19 (22:14)   Luke Perry, Star of 90210 and Riverdale, Dies at 52 (IGN.com)
04-03-19 (21:55)   'Riverdale' Cast Remembers 'Father Figure' Luke Perry (Variety)
04-03-19 (21:28)   Looking Back at Luke Perry's Most Memorable Roles (TVGuide.com)
04-03-19 (21:26)   Actor Luke Perry dead at 52: 'My heart is broken,' Molly Ringwald says - CNET (C-Net News.com)
04-03-19 (21:12)   Riverdale Suspends Production Following Luke Perry's Death (TV Fanatic)
04-03-19 (21:07)   Riverdale shuts down production in the wake of Luke Perry's death (Syfy Wire)
04-03-19 (20:53)   Riverdale cast and fans mourn Luke Perry on Twitter (Syfy Wire)
04-03-19 (20:45)   Luke Perry dead at 52 - will live on through his work on '90210' and 'Riverdale' (TechnoBuffalo)
04-03-19 (20:43)   Celebrities React to Death of Riverdale Star Luke Perry (TV Fanatic)
04-03-19 (20:42)   Riverdale Production Shuts Down in the Wake of Luke Perry's Death (TVGuide.com)
04-03-19 (20:41)   Fellow '90210' Cast Members Pay Tribute to Luke Perry (Variety)
04-03-19 (20:25)   Remembering Luke Perry, Gen-X's Teen Heartthrob (RollingStone.com)
04-03-19 (20:13)   Luke Perry, Star of '90210' and 'Riverdale,' Has Died at 52 (Collider)
04-03-19 (20:12)   90210 and Riverdale actor Luke Perry dies days after suffering stroke (Digital Trends)
04-03-19 (20:11)   Luke Perry dies at 52: 'My heart is broken,' says Molly Ringwald - CNET (C-Net News.com)
04-03-19 (19:55)   'Riverdale' Shuts Down Production in Wake of Luke Perry's Death (Variety)
04-03-19 (19:55)   Celebrities React to Luke Perry's Death: 'Absolutely Heartbreaking' (Variety)
04-03-19 (19:41)   RIVERDALE And 90210 Actor Luke Perry Has Died At The Age Of 52 After Suffering A Stroke (Comic Book Movie)
04-03-19 (19:28)   Luke Perry, Riverdale Star and 90210 Heartthrob, Dead at 52 (TVGuide.com)
04-03-19 (19:24)   Luke Perry, Riverdale star and prolific TV actor, dies at 52 (Syfy Wire)
04-03-19 (19:11)   Luke Perry, 'Beverly Hills 90210' and 'Riverdale' Star, Dead at 52 (RollingStone.com)
04-03-19 (19:09)   Luke Perry Has Died at the Age of 52 (Gizmodo)
04-03-19 (18:57)   Luke Perry, Beloved Riverdale Star, Dies at 52 (TV Fanatic)
04-03-19 (18:55)   Luke Perry, '90210' and 'Riverdale' Star, Dies at 52 (Variety)
04-03-19 (16:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Alice's Brush With Death (TV Fanatic)
01-03-19 (21:53)   Riverdale :: Beyond Thunderdome (Hotchka)
28-02-19 (21:25)   Luke Perry Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke (RollingStone.com)
28-02-19 (21:12)   90210 and Riverdale actor Luke Perry hospitalized after stroke (Digital Trends)
28-02-19 (18:42)   Luke Perry Hospitalized Following Alleged Stroke (TVGuide.com)
28-02-19 (17:43)   Luke Perry Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke (Report) (TV Fanatic)
28-02-19 (12:45)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 14 "Fire Walk With Me" Promo + Photos + Guide (Spoilers Guide)
28-02-19 (12:12)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 13 (TV Fanatic)
28-02-19 (03:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 13 Review: Requiem for a Welterweight (TV Fanatic)
27-02-19 (20:53)   The girl gang's all here thanks to Riverdale's Bernadette Beck and Peaches 'N Cream (Syfy Wire)
23-02-19 (02:45)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 13 "Requiem for a Welterweight" Promo + Photos + Guide (Spoilers Guide)
22-02-19 (17:26)   Katy Keene: Riverdale Spinoff Casts Two Key Roles (TV Fanatic)
16-02-19 (14:16)   Turns Out The Boys Of "Riverdale" Have Some Rigorous Training Regimens (TVOvermind)
12-02-19 (16:57)   Riverdale, Friends, and The Flash Poised to Leave Netflix (TV Fanatic)
12-02-19 (15:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Are You Shipping Josie and Archie? (TV Fanatic)
11-02-19 (18:24)   A corpse keeps stealing Betty and Jughead's spotlight in SNL's hilarious Riverdale sketch (Syfy Wire)
11-02-19 (06:40)   Saturday Night Live Put Out a Strange, Goofy Riverdale Sketch (Gizmodo)
10-02-19 (18:57)   SNL Puts Halsey to Work with Riverdale Spoof, the Return of 'Them Trumps' (TVGuide.com)
09-02-19 (01:27)   Chad Michael Murray Would Like to Invite You to His Cult... He Means, His Farm on Riverdale (Vulture)
08-02-19 (23:07)   Riverdale :: Scared straight (Hotchka)
08-02-19 (20:57)   Riverdale: Chad Michael Murray Books Recurring Role! (TV Fanatic)
08-02-19 (20:28)   Riverdale Casts Chad Michael Murray as Edgar Evernever and It Makes Perfect Sense (TVGuide.com)
07-02-19 (12:43)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 12 (TV Fanatic)
07-02-19 (03:13)   Riverdale Recap: The Other Guys (Vulture)
07-02-19 (03:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 12 Review: Bizzarodale (TV Fanatic)
06-02-19 (16:12)   Riverdale: Should Riverdale Graduate to College? (TV Fanatic)
05-02-19 (16:30)   10 Things You Didn't Know about Madelaine Petsch (TVOvermind)
05-02-19 (16:13)   Ashleigh Murray Will Suddenly Become a 20-Something Josie in the Riverdale Spinoff Pilot (Vulture)
05-02-19 (15:42)   Josie Is Heading to the New Riverdale Spin-Off Katy Keane (TVGuide.com)
05-02-19 (05:24)   Casting: Anya Taylor-Joy in Edgar Wright's new horror-thriller; Josie makes the jump from Riverdale to Katy Keene; more (Syfy Wire)
05-02-19 (02:43)   Riverdale: Ashleigh Murray Joins Katey Keene Pilot (TV Fanatic)
04-02-19 (16:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Hermione's Web of Deceit (TV Fanatic)
02-02-19 (07:07)   Riverdale :: Black and white in color (Hotchka)
01-02-19 (19:12)   Riverdale Promo: Let's Play A Game (TV Fanatic)
01-02-19 (04:53)   The CW president teases 'biggest' Arrowverse crossover yet; future of Batwoman and Supernatural (Syfy Wire)
01-02-19 (01:43)   The CW at TCA: Riverdale Spinoff, All American's Fate & More (TV Fanatic)
01-02-19 (01:14)   The CW Renews All Arrowverse Shows, Riverdale, and More (IGN.com)
01-02-19 (00:59)   The CW Renews 10 Shows Including 'The Flash', 'Riverdale', and 'Legends of Tomorrow' (Collider)
01-02-19 (00:24)   The CW renews 10 shows for 2019-2020 season, including Arrowverse, Charmed, Black Lightning & Riverdale (Syfy Wire)
31-01-19 (15:12)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 11 (TV Fanatic)
31-01-19 (08:31)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 12 "Bizarrodale" Promo + Photos + Guide (Spoilers Guide)
31-01-19 (03:13)   Riverdale Recap: Who Shot H.L.? (Vulture)
31-01-19 (03:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 11 Review: The Red Dahlia (TV Fanatic)
29-01-19 (07:31)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 11 "The Red Dahlia" Promo + Photos + Guide + Sneak Peek (Spoilers Guide)
28-01-19 (16:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Who Shot Hiram Lodge? (TV Fanatic)
27-01-19 (21:30)   How The Show "Riverdale" Has Evolved Since Season 1 (TVOvermind)
26-01-19 (01:24)   Casting: Molly Ringwald returns to Riverdale; key adds for Stephen King's The Outsider, Locke & Key, and Batwoman (Syfy Wire)
25-01-19 (23:57)   Riverdale Promo: No Rest For The Wicked (TV Fanatic)
25-01-19 (23:07)   Casting: Molly Ringwald returns to Riverdale; Stephen King's The Outsider lands cast; Sherri Saum joins Locke & Key (Syfy Wire)
25-01-19 (04:53)   There's a new Archie in Riverdale (Hotchka)
24-01-19 (18:09)   Break Out the Saxophones, CW Has Picked Up a Pilot for The Lost Boys TV Show (Gizmodo)
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18-01-19 (22:24)   Casting: Fantasy Island shipwrecks Michael Rooker; Daniel Zovatto joins Penny Dreadful; more (Syfy Wire)
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18-01-19 (03:23)   Riverdale Is Doing a Musical Episode of Heathers (Gizmodo)
18-01-19 (02:07)   Riverdale :: Return to Eldervail (Hotchka)
17-01-19 (23:52)   Fans are Freaking Out over RIVERDALE's Shocking [SPOILER] (Nerdist)
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15-11-18 (03:07)   We Have a Crazy Theory About RIVERDALE's Gargoyle King (Nerdist)
14-11-18 (17:31)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 5 "The Great Escape" Photos + Guide + Promo + Sneak Peeks (Spoilers Guide)
14-11-18 (04:24)   Exclusive: Jughead and FP clash over the latest Riverdale murder mystery (Syfy Wire)
14-11-18 (03:24)   Objects in Space 11/13/18: Back to the future (Syfy Wire)
14-11-18 (02:28)   Riverdale Sneak Peek: Is One of the Parents the Gargoyle King? (TVGuide.com)
13-11-18 (22:28)   The Holiday Gift Guide for Every Riverdale, Legacies or Game of Thrones Fan You Know (TVGuide.com)
12-11-18 (19:12)   Riverdale Round Table: The Gargoyle King Theories (TV Fanatic)
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11-11-18 (18:53)   Look of the Week: Riverdale's nod to the '90s (Syfy Wire)
08-11-18 (16:12)   Riverdale Promo: Is Archie's Life In Danger? (TV Fanatic)
08-11-18 (15:23)   Updates From the Super Mario Bros. Movie, Black Widow, and More (Gizmodo)
08-11-18 (14:45)   Riverdale Spoilers: Kelly Ripa to guest + EP previews 'The Great Escape' (Spoilers Guide)
08-11-18 (14:38)   All of the '80s and '90s Pop Culture References in RIVERDALE's Flashback Episode (Nerdist)
08-11-18 (12:12)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 4 (TV Fanatic)
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08-11-18 (03:13)   Riverdale Recap: Back to the Future (Vulture)
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08-11-18 (00:27)   SWAMP THING Adds RIVERDALE And EXTANT Actor Henderson Wade As Matthew Cable (Comic Book Movie)
08-11-18 (00:24)   'Riverdale' Star Marisol Nichols Files for Divorce from Husband (TMZ.com)
07-11-18 (23:24)   Casting: Mark Consuelos' wife to play his mistress in Riverdale, James Wolk watches the Watchmen (Syfy Wire)
07-11-18 (16:57)   Kelly Ripa Is Headed to Riverdale to Play Her Husband's Side Piece (TVGuide.com)
07-11-18 (15:27)   Riverdale to Welcome a New Hot Adult: Kelly Ripa (Vulture)
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02-11-18 (13:54)   The 12 Coolest Horror References We Spotted in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Gizmodo)
31-10-18 (13:12)   Riverdale Photo Preview: See The Parents As Teens! (TV Fanatic)
29-10-18 (19:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Will Alice's Loose Lips Sink Ships? (TV Fanatic)
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26-10-18 (22:14)   Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is Riverdale's Twisted Cousin (IGN.com)

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