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16-10-18 (18:53)   Riverdale unveils throwback looks as cast play their characters' parents (Syfy Wire)
16-10-18 (17:44)   Riverdale Unveils Photos From Its '90s-ified Flashback Episode (Vulture)
16-10-18 (17:13)   'Riverdale' Flashback Episode Images Show the Kids Playing Their Parents (Collider)
16-10-18 (09:02)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 3 "As Above, So Below" Guide + Photos (Spoilers Guide)
16-10-18 (02:55)   The History Of Archie | Riverdale Explained (GameSpot)
15-10-18 (19:12)   Riverdale Round Table: The Ultimate Season 3 Wish List (TV Fanatic)
13-10-18 (00:38)   Sabrina star Kiernan Shipka was considered to play Riverdale's Betty (Syfy Wire)
12-10-18 (23:41)   Riverdale Season 3 Premiere Introduces A Slender Man Style Monster (GameSpot)
12-10-18 (22:58)   Netflix's Elite Is Riverdale, Gossip Girl, and Big Little Lies Rolled Up Into a Murderous Teen Drama (Vulture)
12-10-18 (03:53)   Objects in Space 10/11/18: The Gargoyle King cometh (Syfy Wire)
11-10-18 (22:12)   Riverdale Promo: Archie's New Reality (TV Fanatic)
11-10-18 (19:07)   Riverdale creator teases out Season 3's True Detective vibe (Syfy Wire)
11-10-18 (17:43)   TV Ratings Report: All American Flops, Riverdale Returns Steady (TV Fanatic)
11-10-18 (12:12)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 3 Episode 1 (TV Fanatic)
11-10-18 (09:31)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 2 "Fortune and Men's Eyes" Promo + Photos + Guide (Spoilers Guide)
11-10-18 (07:38)   Riverdale :: Truth & Consequences (Hotchka)
11-10-18 (04:11)   Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Explains That Jaw-Dropping Final Scene (TVGuide.com)
11-10-18 (03:29)   Riverdale Season 3 Premiere Review (IGN.com)
11-10-18 (03:13)   Riverdale Season Premiere Recap: Making A Murderer (Vulture)
11-10-18 (03:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day (TV Fanatic)
11-10-18 (03:10)   Riverdale Season 3 Premiere Sets Up A Slender Man Style Monster (GameSpot)
11-10-18 (03:07)   RIVERDALE Season 3 Is Going Full TRUE DETECTIVE (Review) (Nerdist)
10-10-18 (20:13)   13 Horny Teen Dramas for Fans of Riverdale (Vulture)
10-10-18 (19:44)   Is Ethel Muggs the True Criminal Mastermind of Riverdale? (Vulture)
10-10-18 (18:41)   Riverdale Season 3 Premiere: Showrunner On That Creepy Cult And Jughead's Mom (GameSpot)
10-10-18 (17:13)   'Riverdale' Showrunner on Archie's Life in Jail, Serpent Cheryl, and Casting Kiernan Shipka as 'Sabrina' (Collider)
10-10-18 (16:11)   Lili Reinhart and KJ Apa Hilariously Recreate Brenda and Dylan's 90210 Breakup (TVGuide.com)
10-10-18 (14:14)   'Riverdale' Season 3: Just Give In to the Ridiculousness Already (WIRED)
10-10-18 (04:42)   Riverdale's Madchen Amick Explains How the Hell Alice Wound Up in a Cult (TVGuide.com)
10-10-18 (00:41)   Riverdale Boss Talks Season 3's Creepy Cult, Jughead's Mom Looking For Trouble (GameSpot)
09-10-18 (16:13)   'Riverdale' Season 3 Premiere Review: Cults, Gangs, and Archie the Martyr (Collider)
09-10-18 (14:31)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 1 "Labor Day" Photos + Guide + Sneak Peeks (Spoilers Guide)
08-10-18 (23:42)   Riverdale Season 3 Will Give You Vintage Bughead Feels (TVGuide.com)
08-10-18 (18:07)   TV THIS WEEK: The CW is back with The Flash, Charmed, Supergirl, Black Lightning and Riverdale (Syfy Wire)
08-10-18 (15:23)   Gotham Confirms Another Major Batman Villain for Its Final Season (Gizmodo)
08-10-18 (13:45)   'Riverdale' casts Jughead's mom & sister for season 3; EP teases mysterious Gargoyle King & more (Spoilers Guide)
08-10-18 (13:02)   Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Spoilers: 'Riverdale' Crossover Might Happen; Sneak Peek #2 + New Teaser Dropped (Spoilers Guide)
07-10-18 (23:09)   It's a Family Affair on Season 3 of "Riverdale," As Jughead's Mother and Sister Shake Things Up (The Futon Critic)
07-10-18 (22:13)   Everything We Learned About Riverdale Season 3 at New York Comic Con (Vulture)
07-10-18 (21:22)   Gina Gershon cast as Jughead's Mom for Season 3 of Riverdale (JoBlo.com)
07-10-18 (17:57)   Riverdale: Gina Gershon Cast as Jughead's Mom! (TV Fanatic)
07-10-18 (17:24)   Gina Gershon comes to Riverdale as Jughead's mom, with Jellybean, Gargoyle King and Archie's trial promising a big season (Syfy Wire)
07-10-18 (17:14)   Riverdale Casts Jughead's Mom and Sister for Season 3 (IGN.com)
07-10-18 (17:08)   NYCC: Riverdale Adds Gina Gershon and Trinity Likins to Cast (ComingSoon.com)
07-10-18 (16:58)   Jughead's Mom and Sister Are About to Stir Things Up in Riverdale Season 3 (Vulture)
07-10-18 (16:52)   RIVERDALE Adds Gina Gershon as Jughead's Mom (Nerdist)
07-10-18 (16:42)   Riverdale: We Finally Know Who's Playing Jellybean and Jughead's Mom (TVGuide.com)
06-10-18 (03:42)   Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Boss Is "Hopeful" About a Riverdale Crossover (TVGuide.com)
04-10-18 (18:13)   Sabrina Almost Showed Up on Riverdale Before She Got Her Own Show (Vulture)
04-10-18 (15:54)   How Sabrina Almost Appeared in Riverdale (ComingSoon.com)
03-10-18 (21:07)   ARCHIE COMICS Announces 2 New Spooky Riverdale Series! (Exclusive) (Nerdist)
01-10-18 (21:10)   Riverdale Season 3, Episode 2 Photos: Jughead And Betty On The Prowl (GameSpot)
29-09-18 (16:31)   Riverdale Season 3 Spoilers: Episode 1 Guide + Episode 2 Photos (Spoilers Guide)
28-09-18 (22:58)   Riley Keough Joins Riverdale Because Twitter Dreams Do Come True (Vulture)
28-09-18 (21:41)   New Riverdale Season 3, Episode 2 Photos: Jughead And Betty On The Prowl (GameSpot)
26-09-18 (23:58)   Lili Reinhart Took Inspiration From Twin Peaks to Play Teen Mädchen Amick on Riverdale (Vulture)
26-09-18 (19:10)   New Riverdale Photos: Bughead, Archie On Trial And More (GameSpot)
25-09-18 (19:12)   33 Obsessible Bughead Moments from Riverdale (TV Fanatic)
19-09-18 (20:24)   Riverdale Season 3 Photos: Bughead, Archie On Trial And More (GameSpot)
19-09-18 (20:13)   25 Years Ago The Virgin Suicides Kicked Off the American Obsession with Teenage Tragedy. (Vulture)
19-09-18 (02:10)   Riverdale Season 3 Photos: Archie's Murder Trial And More (GameSpot)
14-09-18 (22:21)   RIVERDALE Season 3 Has a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Inspired Mystery (Nerdist)
14-09-18 (19:12)   Riverdale Theory: What Secret Connects the Hot Parents? (TV Fanatic)
14-09-18 (18:14)   Hulu's New Horror Show Looks Like Riverdale Meets Final Destination (IGN.com)
14-09-18 (12:31)   Riverdale Spoilers: Creator teases season 3's mystery, flashback episode (Spoilers Guide)
13-09-18 (18:06)   The first teaser for Netflix's Sabrina asks, 'What if Riverdale, but also Satan?' (TheVerge)
13-09-18 (17:39)   New Riverdale Season 3 Premiere Photos Revealed! (ComingSoon.com)
13-09-18 (15:43)   Riverdale Season Premiere Photos: The End of Archie's Freedom? (TV Fanatic)
13-09-18 (01:31)   Riverdale Season 3 Episode 1 "Labor Day" Photos (Spoilers Guide)
12-09-18 (12:31)   Casting Bits: Eva Longoria to guest on 'Grand Hotel', Luke Perry returning to 'Criminal Minds' and more (Spoilers Guide)
10-09-18 (15:11)   The Saints and Sinners of 'Riverdale' (RollingStone.com)
06-09-18 (15:23)   Don't Get Excited About That Truly Bizarre Michael Bay/Thundercats Rumor (Gizmodo)
06-09-18 (15:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Poster: Let the Games Begin! (TV Fanatic)
06-09-18 (11:02)   Riverdale Spoilers: EP teases Archie's trial, new cult mystery and more (Spoilers Guide)
05-09-18 (21:39)   Riverdale Season 3 Poster Revealed: Let the Game Begin (ComingSoon.com)
04-09-18 (16:38)   Archie and Friends Are in Deep in RIVERDALE: VOLUME 3 (Preview) (Nerdist)
30-08-18 (20:12)   Riverdale Season 3 Promo: Fights, New Romances, and A Deadly Mystery! (TV Fanatic)
30-08-18 (20:07)   Get New RIVERDALE Stories in Text Message Form (Exclusive) (Nerdist)
30-08-18 (11:16)   Riverdale Season 3 "End Game" Promo (Spoilers Guide)
30-08-18 (02:21)   All the Creepy, Culty Clues in the New RIVERDALE Season 3 Teaser (Nerdist)
29-08-18 (22:57)   Riverdale Just Revealed Alice Cooper's Serpent Tattoo in a New Season 3 Trailer! (TVGuide.com)
29-08-18 (22:55)   New Riverdale Season 3 Trailer: Mobster Archie Has Joined Biker Gang Too, Apparently (GameSpot)
27-08-18 (20:12)   Riverdale: Why Archie Needs To Change For Season 3 (TV Fanatic)
24-08-18 (16:12)   Riverdale: Who Are Cassidy Bullock, and Cult-Leaders Edgar and Evelyn Evernever? (TV Fanatic)
23-08-18 (21:45)   Riverdale's Camila Mendes and Victor Houston Break Up (E! Online)
23-08-18 (19:16)   Riverdale Spoilers: 'The Breakfast Club' actor Anthony Michael Hall joins season 3 in flashback hour (Spoilers Guide)
22-08-18 (19:55)   Riverdale Season 3 Casts Breakfast Club Star For Flashback Episode (GameSpot)
22-08-18 (01:54)   Anthony Michael Hall To Guest Star in Riverdale's Flashback Episode (ComingSoon.com)
21-08-18 (22:31)   Everything We Know About Riverdale's Flashback Episode (E! Online)
21-08-18 (22:28)   Riverdale Casts Breakfast Club Star for Its Flashback Episode (TVGuide.com)
21-08-18 (22:13)   Anthony Michael Hall Will Play the Principal in Riverale's Breakfast Club-Style Flashback Episode (Vulture)
21-08-18 (22:10)   Riverdale Season 3 Casts A Breakfast Club Star For Flashback Episode (GameSpot)
21-08-18 (20:25)   Watch 'Riverdale' Star Dance Through Night Shift in Chainsmokers' 'Side Effects' Video (RollingStone.com)
16-08-18 (19:31)   Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse's Twitter Accounts Hacked: Fake Nude Photo Posted (E! Online)
16-08-18 (17:24)   Twitch account linked to Riverdale actors' hack posts threatening clip (Polygon)
15-08-18 (01:10)   Riverdale Offshoot The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Gets October Premiere (GameSpot)
13-08-18 (18:58)   There Is No Talking Cat in These Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Images (Vulture)
13-08-18 (17:38)   New CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA Pics Are Appropriately Creepy (Nerdist)
13-08-18 (16:26)   Teen Choice Awards 2018 Winners: Riverdale Leads the Way (TV Fanatic)
13-08-18 (15:23)   The Birds of Prey Movie Is Looking for a Songbird to Play Black Canary (Gizmodo)
13-08-18 (12:45)   Riverdale Spoilers: Mark Consuelos' son cast as young Hiram (Spoilers Guide)
13-08-18 (03:36)   'Riverdale' and 'The Flash' Win Big at Teen Choice Awards (Comicbook.com)
13-08-18 (02:36)   'Riverdale's Tiera Skovbye on Playing Not Your Ordinary Girl Next Door in 'Summer of '84' (Comicbook.com)
13-08-18 (01:45)   Teen Choice Awards 2018: See the Riverdale Cast, Chloë Grace Moretz and More Stars Hit the Red Carpet (E! Online)
12-08-18 (20:16)   Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Congratulate Son Michael on Riverdale Role (E! Online)
12-08-18 (19:51)   Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos' Son to Play Young Hiram Lodge on 'Riverdale' (Comicbook.com)
11-08-18 (02:24)   Casting: Riverdale gets two Consuelos to play one Hiram, Come Away adds a pair, Marvel vets reportedly going Sonic (Syfy Wire)
11-08-18 (01:24)   Exclusive first look: Robin and Batgirl attend Riverdale High (undercover!) in Archie Meets Batman '66 #2 (Syfy Wire)
09-08-18 (20:24)   Netflix's Riverdale Offshoot The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Gets October Premiere (GameSpot)
07-08-18 (16:27)   Riverdale's (Hot) Parents Are Getting a Breakfast Club-Style Flashback Episode (Vulture)
07-08-18 (15:54)   No Plans for Sabrina/Riverdale Crossover, New Spin-off in Development (ComingSoon.com)
07-08-18 (15:23)   A Batman Villain Could Become the Main Antagonist of Birds of Prey  (Gizmodo)
07-08-18 (12:16)   Riverdale Spoilers: Wedding episode, Breakfast Club-inspired hour abound in season 3 (Spoilers Guide)
07-08-18 (05:54)   The Cast of Riverdale Gave Us Plenty of Tantalizing Teases About Season 3 (Gizmodo)
07-08-18 (05:36)   'Riverdale': New Details Emerge About Season 3's Parents Flashback Episode (Comicbook.com)
06-08-18 (23:24)   Riverdale teases wedding, The Breakfast Club-inspired episodes at TCA 2018 (Syfy Wire)
06-08-18 (23:12)   Riverdale at TCA: New Spinoff in the Works, Wedding Episode & More! (TV Fanatic)
06-08-18 (22:05)   The CW President Teases Potential 'Riverdale' Spinoffs (Comicbook.com)
06-08-18 (21:02)   Relive the Terror of Riverdale's Black Hood Ahead of the Season 2 DVD Release (E! Online)
05-08-18 (20:22)   'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart Shares Message to Her Love Cole Sprouse (Comicbook.com)
05-08-18 (01:31)   Lili Reinhart Calls Cole Sprouse "My Love" in Sweet Birthday Tribute (E! Online)
03-08-18 (22:41)   Riverdale Season 3 Spoilers: Another Musical, Archie On Trial, Serpent Queen Betty, And More (GameSpot)
01-08-18 (03:07)   Archie and the Riverdale gang have arrived at Spotify in a series of new motion comics (Syfy Wire)
30-07-18 (10:58)   Netflix launches Riverdale's Sabrina spin-off on October 26th (Engadget)
29-07-18 (23:55)   Netflix's Riverdale Spin-Off The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Gets October Premiere (GameSpot)
29-07-18 (23:41)   CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA: Netflix's RIVERDALE Companion Series Announces October Premiere Date (Comic Book Movie)
27-07-18 (19:55)   SDCC 2018: Riverdale Season 3 Trailer Teases Horrifying Cult Storyline (GameSpot)
27-07-18 (01:22)   7 '90s Actors We'd Love to See Appear on 'Riverdale' (Comicbook.com)
26-07-18 (15:23)   Updates From Iron Fist, Gotham, And More (Gizmodo)
25-07-18 (19:02)   These Are All the Riverdale, The 100, Arrow and Wynonna Earp Comic-Con Photos You Need (E! Online)
25-07-18 (01:51)   'Riverdale': Could a Major Wedding Happen in Season 3? (Comicbook.com)
25-07-18 (00:24)   Casting: Emma Thompson back in Men In Black, Penelope Ann Miller goes to Riverdale, and more (Syfy Wire)
24-07-18 (03:36)   'Titans': Stars of 'Avengers,' 'Riverdale,' 'Walking Dead,' and More Drop "F Batman" Line at SDCC (Comicbook.com)
23-07-18 (23:02)   Riverdale Truth or Dare: Fun Impressions, New Love Interests and More Season 3 Scoop Revealed (E! Online)
23-07-18 (21:53)   The style highs of SDCC 2018 panels from Doctor Who to Wonder Woman (Syfy Wire)
23-07-18 (20:31)   First 'Riverdale' Season 3 Sneak Peek Teases...Baby Sacrifice?! (ScreenCrush)
23-07-18 (19:09)   Video: Comic-Con Class Standout Videos from the Casts of "Black Lightning," "The Flash" and "Riverdale" (The Futon Critic)
23-07-18 (19:09)   A New District Attorney Lays Down the Law in "Riverdale" - Penelope Ann Miller to Play Ms. Wright (The Futon Critic)
23-07-18 (18:53)   WATCH SDCC: Riverdale cast talks body counts in Season 3 (Syfy Wire)
23-07-18 (17:07)   RIVERDALE Producer Jon Goldwater Lets Us in on the Secret History of the Archie-Verse (Nerdist)
23-07-18 (15:23)   Comic-Con Updates From The Lego Movie 2, The Good Place, and More (Gizmodo)
23-07-18 (14:31)   Riverdale Spoilers: Penelope Ann Miller joins season 3; Comic Con trailer dropped! (Spoilers Guide)
23-07-18 (09:16)   Riverdale Season 3 - Comic-Con Trailer & Highlight Reel (Spoilers Guide)
23-07-18 (06:40)   Archie Finally Fixes His Car in Riverdale Season 3... Oh, Also, There's Baby Sacrifice (Gizmodo)
23-07-18 (03:52)   RIVERDALE Season 3 Teases Creepy Cult Storyline, Adds Penelope Ann Miller (Nerdist)
23-07-18 (01:16)   Camila Mendes and Victor Houston Party With Her Riverdale Co-Stars at Comic-Con 2018 (E! Online)
23-07-18 (00:58)   KJ Apa Also Wants More Shirtless Wrestling on Riverdale (Vulture)
23-07-18 (00:22)   'Riverdale' Cast Reveals What Superheroes They Want to Play Their Characters (Comicbook.com)
23-07-18 (00:10)   Comic-Con 2018: Riverdale Season 3 Trailer Teases Horrifying Cult Storyline (GameSpot)
22-07-18 (23:22)   'Riverdale' Season 3 Will Have a Time Jump (Comicbook.com)
22-07-18 (23:05)   'Riverdale' Cast and Crew Tease Season 3's Cult Storyline (Comicbook.com)
22-07-18 (23:00)   Riverdale Season 3 Trailer Hints at Trouble for Betty and Jughead (IGN.com)
22-07-18 (22:43)   Riverdale Spoilers: Archie's New Nemesis, Trouble for Choni & More! (TV Fanatic)
22-07-18 (22:28)   Riverdale Casts Archie's Biggest Threat for Season 3 (TVGuide.com)
22-07-18 (22:24)   First footage from Riverdale Season 3 and more revealed at the show's SDCC 2018 Hall H panel. (Syfy Wire)
22-07-18 (22:22)   'Riverdale': Jughead's Mom and Sister Confirmed for Season 3 (Comicbook.com)
22-07-18 (22:16)   Riverdale Season 3 Trailer Shows Archie After "Worst Summer Ever" (E! Online)
22-07-18 (22:05)   'Riverdale' Will Have Another Musical Episode in Season 3 (Comicbook.com)
22-07-18 (21:54)   'Riverdale' dropped some surprise footage of the third season ? and it looks creepier than ever (Business Insider)
22-07-18 (21:51)   'Riverdale' Season 3 Casts Penelope Ann Miller as Archie's New Foe (Comicbook.com)
22-07-18 (21:41)   Riverdale - Official Comic-Con Season 3 Trailer | SDCC 2018 (GameSpot)
22-07-18 (21:26)   Riverdale Season 3 Trailer Teases Eerie New Mystery (TV Fanatic)
22-07-18 (21:08)   Comic-Con: Riverdale Season 3 Sneak Peek & 2018 Highlight Reel (ComingSoon.com)
22-07-18 (21:05)   'Riverdale' Season 3 Trailer Released at SDCC (Comicbook.com)
22-07-18 (13:41)   Comic-Con 2018 Full Schedule: Supernatural, Riverdale - Guide To The Must-See TV And Movie Panels (GameSpot)
21-07-18 (20:53)   Where to buy jewelry as worn by Buffy Summers, Felicity Smoak and Betty Cooper (Syfy Wire)
19-07-18 (19:10)   Comic-Con 2018: Riverdale Season 3 -- Everything We Know So Far (GameSpot)
19-07-18 (04:10)   Riverdale- Everything We Know So Far (GameSpot)
18-07-18 (17:13)   NYC Stories: Molly Ringwald Gets a Taste of NYC's S&M Underbelly (Vulture)
18-07-18 (01:51)   'Riverdale' Heads to SDCC in New Teaser Video (Comicbook.com)
16-07-18 (22:38)   The Dynamic Duo Heads to Riverdale in ARCHIE MEETS BATMAN '66 #1 (Exclusive Preview) (Nerdist)
16-07-18 (20:02)   Riverdale's Madelaine Petsch Swears by This Brow Gel (E! Online)
15-07-18 (23:16)   Camila Mendes Is All Smiles Talking About New Boyfriend Victor Houston (E! Online)
14-07-18 (23:20)   Lili Reinhart Releases New Skincare Products (AceShowbiz.com)
14-07-18 (02:38)   First Chilling Adventures of Sabrina teaser just adds to the mystery (Syfy Wire)
12-07-18 (04:36)   'Riverdale' Hotel Key Cards, Set Visit Contest Announced For Comic Con (Comicbook.com)
11-07-18 (21:16)   Lili Reinhart Shares 9 Tips for Getting Rid of Acne (E! Online)
11-07-18 (19:45)   The Cast of Riverdale Is Back Together! Check Out Their Sweetest Friendship Moments Ahead of Season 3 (E! Online)
11-07-18 (19:12)   Riverdale Season 3: Everything We Know (So Far) (TV Fanatic)
11-07-18 (15:23)   Updates on Black Adam, Quantum and Woody, and More (Gizmodo)
10-07-18 (06:22)   Two 'Riverdale' Stars Bonded Over a Weird Thing at Their Auditions (Comicbook.com)
09-07-18 (20:04)   Comic-Con 2018 Schedule For July 22 Includes Marvel Animation, FX's 'Legion,' 'Riverdale' & More (SlashFilm)
07-07-18 (22:49)   Camila Mendes Salutes Rihanna for Promoting Body Positivity (AceShowbiz.com)
06-07-18 (03:36)   'Riverdale' Cast on Who Will Visit Archie in Prison in Season 3 (Comicbook.com)
05-07-18 (22:34)   Lili Reinhart Hits Back at Critics Trolling Her Over Body Dysmorphia Struggles (AceShowbiz.com)
05-07-18 (19:16)   Lili Reinhart Opens Up About Body Dysmorphia After Trolls Criticize Her Appearance (E! Online)
05-07-18 (17:25)   'Riverdale' star Lili Reinhart slams fans who say she's 'not curvy enough or not skinny enough' to be insecure (Business Insider)
05-07-18 (16:57)   Riverdale Season 3 First Look: Archie Is Ready to Fight Back! (TV Fanatic)
05-07-18 (16:36)   'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart Speaks Out About Her Body Dysmorphia (Comicbook.com)
04-07-18 (22:20)   Lili Reinhart Will Never Talk About Cole Sprouse Romance (AceShowbiz.com)
04-07-18 (22:20)   Camila Mendes Is Okay With Baring Her Breasts in Photoshoots (AceShowbiz.com)
04-07-18 (05:36)   'Riverdale': Camila Mendes Calls Season 3 "Superheroes vs. Supervillains" (Comicbook.com)
04-07-18 (05:36)   'Riverdale' Showrunner Shares Photo of Ripped Archie to Celebrate Season 3 Starting Filming (Comicbook.com)
04-07-18 (02:05)   'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart Hopes Betty Will Get a Break in Season 3 (Comicbook.com)
03-07-18 (21:24)   More than 70 of our favorite TV shows say 'Families belong together' (Syfy Wire)
03-07-18 (04:24)   Objects in Space 7/2/18: Who's in charge (Syfy Wire)
03-07-18 (00:02)   Lili Reinhart Explains Why She Won't Talk About Her "Love Story" With Cole Sprouse (E! Online)
02-07-18 (22:31)   Riverdale's Camila Mendes Talks Dating Her Non-Actor Boyfriend (E! Online)
02-07-18 (20:12)   19 Priceless Quotes from Riverdale Bombshell Cheryl Blossom (TV Fanatic)
02-07-18 (03:23)   Actresses From The Flash and Riverdale Talk Playing Classic Comics Characters as Women of Color (Gizmodo)
02-07-18 (00:02)   Riverdale's Camila Mendes and Victor Houston Get Cozy on Her Birthday Weekend (E! Online)
01-07-18 (23:08)   'Riverdale' star Camila Mendes says she's still 'insecure' about her belly (Business Insider)
01-07-18 (04:22)   'The Flash' and 'Riverdale' Stars Detail Suffering Racist Backlash (Comicbook.com)
30-06-18 (00:16)   Riverdale's Camila Mendes Sparks Romance Rumors With Victor Houston (E! Online)
28-06-18 (22:25)   'Riverdale' star Camila Mendes says she's forgiven her co-star for his fat-shaming tweets (Business Insider)
28-06-18 (15:09)   A Familiar Legends of Tomorrow Hero Is Returning for Season 4 (Gizmodo)
28-06-18 (11:16)   Riverdale Spoilers: Season 3 will have more than one villain (Spoilers Guide)
28-06-18 (04:51)   A Cult Leader Character Could Be Coming to 'Riverdale' Season 3 (Comicbook.com)
28-06-18 (03:36)   'Riverdale' Season 3 Premiere Gets a Title (Comicbook.com)
27-06-18 (20:49)   Teen Choice Awards 2018: 'Black Panther' and 'Riverdale' Pick Up Additional Nods (AceShowbiz.com)
27-06-18 (15:09)   More Rumors About Patrick Stewart's Potential Return to Star Trek (Gizmodo)
26-06-18 (22:51)   'Riverdale' Season 3 Reportedly Casting Evelyn Evernever (Comicbook.com)
26-06-18 (01:16)   Riverdale's KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse Troll Each Other Over Funny Throwback Photos (E! Online)
25-06-18 (20:12)   Riverdale: Why We Need More Choni Scenes (TV Fanatic)
25-06-18 (19:53)   7 bisexual+ characters who redefined coming out on TV (Syfy Wire)
24-06-18 (22:36)   'Riverdale': Ashleigh Murray on If Josie and the Pussycats Will Reunite in Season 3 (Comicbook.com)
23-06-18 (03:53)   Objects in Space 6/22/18: Out for coffee (Syfy Wire)
22-06-18 (21:51)   Black Panther, Solo, and Riverdale lead Teen Choice 2018 nominations (JoBlo.com)
22-06-18 (19:12)   Teen Choice Awards 2018 Nominations: Riverdale Leads Final Wave (TV Fanatic)
22-06-18 (16:57)   Riverdale Mega Buzz: Hiram Won't Be the Only Big Bad for Season 3 (TVGuide.com)
22-06-18 (05:36)   7 Ways 'Riverdale' Became 'Arrow' This Season (Comicbook.com)
22-06-18 (03:22)   'Riverdale' Stars Provide an Update on Season 3 (Comicbook.com)
21-06-18 (04:36)   'Arrow', 'Legends of Tomorrow', 'Riverdale', & 'iZombie' Writing Staffs Join Pledge to Keep Families Together (Comicbook.com)
20-06-18 (23:53)   The CW sets premiere dates for full Arrowverse line-up, Charmed, Supernatural and more (Syfy Wire)
20-06-18 (22:53)   A Sabrina the Teenage Witch binge guide for Hilda and Zelda (Syfy Wire)
20-06-18 (21:12)   The CW Sets Fall Premiere Dates for Charmed, Riverdale & More! (TV Fanatic)
20-06-18 (20:45)   The CW's Fall 2018 Premiere Dates Are Here: Find Out When Riverdale, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and More Return (E! Online)
20-06-18 (17:43)   Riverdale Stars Weigh In on Potential Sabrina Crossover (TV Fanatic)
20-06-18 (04:51)   'Riverdale' Stars on If They Would Want to Cross Over With 'Sabrina' (Comicbook.com)
20-06-18 (00:16)   Riverdale Star Charles Melton Apologizes for ''Offensive'' Fat-Shaming Comments (E! Online)
19-06-18 (23:07)   'Riverdale' Star Charles Melton Apologizes for Fat-Shaming Comments (TMZ.com)
19-06-18 (21:17)   'Riverdale' Star Charles Melton Allegedly Slammed 'Fat Chicks' In Old Tweets - Mocked 'Chunky A** (Hollywood Life)
19-06-18 (06:24)   Genre fare fills up on golden popcorn at the 2018 MTV Movie Awards (Syfy Wire)
19-06-18 (06:05)   'Riverdale' Star Madelaine Petsch Wins Scene Stealer Award at 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards (Comicbook.com)
19-06-18 (03:17)   MTV Movie & TV Awards Winners 2018 - Full List: 'Riverdale' & More (Hollywood Life)
19-06-18 (00:22)   'Riverdale' Actors and ComicBook.com Helped a Marriage Proposal Happen (Comicbook.com)
15-06-18 (12:16)   Love Lives of Riverdale Stars: Inside Lili Reinhart, Cole Sprouse and More Cast Members' Relationships (E! Online)
14-06-18 (15:16)   Riverdale Busts a Move in Delightful Season 2 Gag Reel (E! Online)
13-06-18 (20:11)   2018 Teen Choice Awards Nominees: Shadowhunters and Riverdale Lead the Pack (TVGuide.com)
13-06-18 (19:43)   Teen Choice Awards 2018 Nominations: Shadowhunters, Riverdale Lead the Way (TV Fanatic)
13-06-18 (19:31)   Teen Choice Awards 2018: Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther and Riverdale Among Top Nominees (E! Online)
13-06-18 (18:49)   Teen Choice Awards 2018: Riverdale, Shadowhunters Lead Nominations (TVLine)
13-06-18 (12:02)   Good Trouble Spoilers: 'Riverdale' actor and 4 more join 'Fosters' spinoff (Spoilers Guide)
12-06-18 (22:00)   Gabrielle Union, Lili Reinhart & More Stars In Bikinis With NO Retouching Or Photoshop - PICS (Hollywood Life)
11-06-18 (23:07)   Here's how Netflix's top brass is trying to find the next Black Mirror (Syfy Wire)
11-06-18 (19:03)   The Fosters Spinoff Good Trouble Adds Riverdale Alum, Five More to Cast (TVLine)
11-06-18 (03:22)   'Riverdale' Star KJ Apa Reveals How He Feels About a Betty and Archie Relationship (Comicbook.com)
09-06-18 (17:45)   Saturday Savings: Madelaine Petsch's Weekend-Ready Track Pants Are 50% Off (E! Online)
08-06-18 (19:24)   The strange, difficult history of queer coding (Syfy Wire)
08-06-18 (16:46)   National Best Friends Day: Selena & Taylor, Kendall & Gigi & 50 More Of The Cutest Celeb Besties (Hollywood Life)
07-06-18 (02:58)   Dakota Fanning, Damian Lewis and Luke Perry Join Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Vulture)
07-06-18 (00:33)   Luke Perry, Dakota Fanning and Many More Join Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Cast (SlashFilm)
06-06-18 (07:05)   'Riverdale': Could One 'Pretty Little Liars' Alum Be Joining Season 3? (Comicbook.com)
05-06-18 (22:54)   'Riverdale' star Camila Mendes says she didn't think she had an eating disorder because she was 'never that skinny' (Business Insider)
05-06-18 (17:51)   'Archie 1941' Miniseries To Send Riverdale To War (Comicbook.com)
05-06-18 (04:07)   Archie reboot goes on hiatus to send the Riverdale gang off to World War II (Syfy Wire)
31-05-18 (23:07)   The Riverdale High Spring Dance Brings the Drama in ARCHIE #31 (Exclusive Preview) (Nerdist)
31-05-18 (10:45)   Riverdale Spoilers: EP hints Chic might still be alive (Spoilers Guide)
30-05-18 (04:51)   'Riverdale' Star Addresses Pregnancy Rumors (Comicbook.com)
30-05-18 (00:42)   Riverdale Mega Buzz: Did the Black Hood Actually Kill Chic? (TVGuide.com)
30-05-18 (00:22)   'Riverdale' Will Bring Back Chic Next Season (Comicbook.com)
29-05-18 (17:31)   Lili Reinhart Fiercely Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors (E! Online)
29-05-18 (16:08)   'Riverdale' star Lili Reinhart responds to people saying she's pregnant: 'This is just my body' (Business Insider)
27-05-18 (07:47)   The Top Five Luke Perry Roles Outside of 90210 (TVOvermind)
26-05-18 (21:53)   Netflix and Riverdale warn you not to try Jingle Jangle in hilarious drug-free parody ad (Syfy Wire)
25-05-18 (22:03)   Arrowverse's Batwoman, NCIS' New Abby, Riverdale Mom and 22 More Homes for Stars of Cancelled Shows (TVLine)
24-05-18 (21:36)   'Riverdale' Season 2 is Now on Netflix (Comicbook.com)
23-05-18 (11:49)   Lili Reinhart Starts Body Positivity Movement After Opening Up About Cystic Acne Struggles (AceShowbiz.com)
23-05-18 (00:45)   Riverdale's Lili Reinhart Gets Real About Her Cystic Acne (E! Online)
22-05-18 (20:13)   Ross Butler on His Big 13 Reasons Why Twist, Why He Left Riverdale, and Auditioning for Crazy Rich Asians (Vulture)
22-05-18 (19:00)   Lili Reinhart Opens Up About Suffering From Cystic Acne & It's Honestly Inspirational (Hollywood Life)
22-05-18 (07:05)   'Riverdale' Tie-In Novels Coming From Scholastic (Comicbook.com)
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21-05-18 (16:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Were You Satisfied With Season 2? (TV Fanatic)
19-05-18 (19:14)   How Riverdale Needs to Change in Season 3 (IGN.com)
19-05-18 (16:07)   'Riverdale' Star Lili Reinhart Says We Keep Missing Warning Signs in School Shootings (TMZ.com)
18-05-18 (22:22)   'Riverdale' Season 3 Key Art Released (Comicbook.com)
18-05-18 (20:13)   Exclusive 'Robot Chicken' Midseason Premiere Clip Takes Aim at The CW's 'Riverdale' (Collider)
18-05-18 (19:43)   Riverdale: Death, jail and a supernatural season three? (BBC News)
18-05-18 (06:38)   Riverdale faces a bigger evil (Hotchka)
17-05-18 (19:43)   Here's How Riverdale Needs to Course Correct for Season 3 (IGN.com)
17-05-18 (17:49)   Ratings: Designated Survivor Ticks Up With Finale, Code Black Also Rises (TVLine)
17-05-18 (13:12)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 2 Episode 22 (TV Fanatic)
17-05-18 (13:02)   Riverdale Spoilers: EP answers season 2 finale's burning questions, teases new genre in season 3 (Spoilers Guide)
17-05-18 (08:01)   Riverdale Season 2 Finale Review: "Chapter Thirty-Five: Brave New World" (TVOvermind)
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17-05-18 (03:39)   6 details you may have missed on the 'Riverdale' finale (Business Insider)
17-05-18 (03:25)   Everything you need to know about the big Archie twist on the 'Riverdale' season 2 finale (Business Insider)
17-05-18 (03:25)   'Riverdale' fans know who the fake Black Hood is ? and Hiram is involved (Business Insider)
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17-05-18 (03:22)   8 Comics You Should Read After 'Riverdale' Season 2 (Comicbook.com)
17-05-18 (03:13)   Riverdale Season-Finale Recap: Snakes and Ladders (Vulture)
17-05-18 (03:08)   Riverdale creator says we'll see a 'much darker' Hiram Lodge in season 3 (EW.com)
17-05-18 (03:05)   7 Questions Raised by the 'Riverdale' Season 2 Finale (Comicbook.com)
17-05-18 (03:05)   'Riverdale' Season 2 Finale Recap With Spoilers: "Brave New World" (Comicbook.com)
17-05-18 (03:05)   'Riverdale': Archie's World Changes In Season 2's Finale (Comicbook.com)
17-05-18 (03:03)   'Riverdale' EP Talks Tonight's Finale, That Arresting End & Teases Season 3 Twists (Deadline.com)
17-05-18 (03:03)   Riverdale Boss on Archie's Dilemma, Jughead's Future With Betty... and Is the Black Hood Really Finished? (TVLine)
16-05-18 (17:08)   Scholastic to publish original Riverdale fiction and companion books (EW.com)
15-05-18 (22:21)   The Dynamic Duo Heads to Riverdale In ARCHIE MEETS BATMAN '66 #2 (Exclusive Covers Reveal) (Nerdist)
15-05-18 (01:24)   Adoption is more than a plot device (Syfy Wire)
13-05-18 (17:16)   Happy Mother's Day From Riverdale's Most Terrifying Mother, Penelope Blossom (E! Online)
12-05-18 (04:57)   Riverdale Mega Buzz: FP Will Backslide Into His Old Vices (TVGuide.com)
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10-05-18 (18:17)   Lili Reinhart Fans Realized She Looks Just Like Brittany Murphy & Once You See, There's No Going Back (Hollywood Life)
10-05-18 (17:57)   Riverdale: The Black Hood's Identity Was Finally Revealed! (TVGuide.com)
10-05-18 (15:54)   Riverdale Chapter Thirty-Five Promo and Photos: Brave New World (ComingSoon.com)
10-05-18 (12:12)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 2 Episode 21 (TV Fanatic)
10-05-18 (09:02)   Riverdale Season 2 Episode 22 "Brave New World" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
10-05-18 (06:51)   'Riverdale' Showrunner Reveals A Devastating Batman Easter Egg (Comicbook.com)
10-05-18 (05:26)   Riverdale Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Chapter Thirty-Four: Judgment Night (TV Fanatic)
10-05-18 (05:05)   'Batman v Superman': 'Riverdale' and '13 Reasons Why' Actor Gives New Close-Up Look at Robin Costume (Comicbook.com)
10-05-18 (03:36)   'Riverdale' Prepares For What's Next in "Brave New World" Season 2 Finale Preview (Comicbook.com)
10-05-18 (03:31)   Riverdale's Black Hood Revealed & His Backstory Is Creepy AF (E! Online)
10-05-18 (03:28)   Riverdale's Skeet Ulrich and Vanessa Morgan React to That Traumatic Jughead Cliffhanger (TVGuide.com)
10-05-18 (03:25)   The 'Riverdale' actor revealed as the Black Hood didn't even play the murderer all season (Business Insider)
10-05-18 (03:25)   'Riverdale' fans finally know who the real Black Hood is and the truth is bonkers (Business Insider)
10-05-18 (03:22)   'Riverdale': 10 Questions Raised by "Judgment Night" (Comicbook.com)
10-05-18 (03:17)   'Riverdale': [Spoiler]'s Fate Is In Jeopardy & The Black Hood Is Finally Revealed (Hollywood Life)
10-05-18 (03:13)   Riverdale Recap: Apocalypse Now (Vulture)
10-05-18 (03:08)   The Black Hood speaks! The actor behind Riverdale's serial killer opens up about the big reveal (EW.com)
10-05-18 (03:05)   'Riverdale' Reveals SPOILER is the Black Hood (Comicbook.com)
10-05-18 (03:05)   'Riverdale' Recap With Spoilers: "Judgment Night" (Comicbook.com)
10-05-18 (03:03)   Riverdale Recap: Ghoulies 'N Ghosts (TVLine)
09-05-18 (22:25)   Fans think that Lili Reinhart looks just like an actress from the late '90s ? and the 'Riverdale' star agrees (Business Insider)
09-05-18 (19:38)   Riverdale embracing its horror-filled roots makes it an even better show (Syfy Wire)
09-05-18 (03:02)   Lili Reinhart Shares Kelly Ripa's Advice Before First Met Gala (E! Online)
08-05-18 (23:24)   The awful TV portrayal of the foster system is damaging to kids nationwide (Syfy Wire)
08-05-18 (20:24)   Heavenly Bodies: a night at the Met Gala with Black Panther, Star Wars and more (Syfy Wire)
08-05-18 (16:54)   'Riverdale' star Cole Sprouse went from interning at the Met to being a guest at the gala ? but he revealed he has an even loftier goal (Business Insider)
08-05-18 (01:17)   Met Gala 2018's Hottest Hunks: George Clooney, Cole Sprouse & More (Hollywood Life)
08-05-18 (01:17)   Met Gala: George & Amal Clooney & More Couples Walk Red Carpet At 2018 Ball (Hollywood Life)
08-05-18 (01:08)   'Riverdale' stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse walked the red carpet together at the Met Gala ? and fans can't handle it (Business Insider)
08-05-18 (00:46)   'Riverdale' Stars Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart Finally Make Red Carpet Debut As A Couple At Met Gala (Hollywood Life)
08-05-18 (00:45)   Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse Make Red Carpet Debut at 2018 Met Gala (E! Online)
07-05-18 (19:01)   Which Riverdale Cast Members Will Have the Most Success Post Series? (TVOvermind)
07-05-18 (15:12)   Riverdale Round Table: Hiram's New Apprentice (TV Fanatic)
05-05-18 (16:12)   Riverdale Promo: Will Cheryl Survive? (TV Fanatic)
04-05-18 (19:07)   Riverdale :: Who is the Black Hood? (Hotchka)
04-05-18 (18:30)   Riverdale Season 2 Episode 20 Review: "Chapter Thirty-Three: Shadow of a Doubt" (TVOvermind)
04-05-18 (02:51)   'Riverdale' Prepares For a "Brave New World" in Season 2 Finale Photos (Comicbook.com)
03-05-18 (23:36)   'Riverdale' Promotes Vanessa Morgan & Charles Melton to Series Regulars for Season 3 (Comicbook.com)
03-05-18 (18:03)   Stranger Things, Riverdale, 13 Reasons Lead MTV Movie & TV Award Noms (TVLine)
03-05-18 (16:08)   Riverdale Chapter Thirty-Four Promo and Photos: Judgment Night (ComingSoon.com)
03-05-18 (16:02)   Riverdale Season 2 Episode 21 "Judgment Night" Extended Promo (Spoilers Guide)
03-05-18 (12:26)   Watch Riverdale Online: Season 2 Episode 20 (TV Fanatic)

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